About Us:


Green Insight is a family business founded December 2011 and is aiming to deliver ecofriendly solutions and consulting services in the environmental field for customers seeking green solutions to their everyday problems. With deep industry knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and technological core competence increases our business clientele and enhance our competitiveness. Services are targeted to individual users or companies. Business-to-individual (B2I), and business-to-business (B2B) segment.


Our ambition is to fit customers and society needs on the environmental side, we put their requirements as our Goal to achieve solution to satisfy them. The purpose of this business idea is to formulate a roadmap for the municipalities associations, schools, universities and companies which we transform thoughts and problems into products solutions in a green package.


This SR and ER´s solution represents a good spirit and start for environmental entrepreneurship, which it is symbolized what we designed for a solution to a social problem that is based on obvious step one of many within waste management which is waste separation. Our solution is built on main idea of a process for recycling waste with a start in form of the waste container. The garbage container is unique with only one primary objective to facilitate people to sort garbage flawless in high degree. As far as we know that there are no companies in Lebanon and even in near countries have started such production line on that area such as sorting policy program and product.





We have a long history of experience and know how to run business with top quality and with a rapid pace regarding entrepreneurship, for us also timing play a powerful role if an idea will give a successes or not. Green Insight LTD will be the market leader in creation of interactive smart dustbin and other peripheral services. The Green Insight vision also includes to be the biggest in the markets and segments in which it operates.

Green Insight searching near and long-term customer relationships and should be the natural choice for individuals as well companies and organizations are turning to green and eco-friendly products and services. Open opportunity for all people working with the company to be partner or a share holder.